What is Vapers tongue?

As vaping becomes increasingly popular and an alternative to smoking, most of the people are not even aware of the problems which it can cause. One such problem is vapers tongue. Many of the people do not even know that the condition which you suffer from is called vapers tongue. We would today go into the details of this condition and share with you some of the ways in which you can eliminate it.

What is vapers tongue?

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Vapers tongue results in loss of flavor when vaping consistently. This is a certain condition and does not have any prevailing symptoms. When you’re suffering from this condition, you would not be able to detect even the strongest of flavors. You might feel a thick coating on your tongue. This condition is pretty common with people who use their electronic cigarettes on a regular basis. There is nothing to worry about.

What is the duration of vapers tongue?

Vapers tongue usually lasts for 2 to 3 days.

What are the remedies for vapers tongue?

While the number of solutions which have been proposed for this conditions are plenty but if you really that the effective solutions, there are only a couple of them. We would detail some of these below.

vapers tongue

  1. Searching the flavors:

In most of the cases, this condition is eliminated when you switch the flavors. In most of the cases, this problem has caused due to the olfactory exhaustion that is due to the diminished ability of the body to detect certain flavors. That is why; when you are able to change the flavors you would be able to detect them appropriately once again. In case, you are at present using an e-liquid, which does not have any kind of taste, then this remedy would not work.

  1. Using the same liquid persistently:

Another option which you have got in case you are not able to find the solution with the 1st method is to use the same e-liquid persistently. This would ensure that eventually, the exhaustion would die down and you would be able to move on and start detecting the flavors again.

In order to avoid this condition, you have to limit vaping. If you’re addicted to vaping, you have to at least think about changing of the flavors constantly so that you do not suffer from this condition.

So, the next time around you’re not able to detect the vaping flavors, you might be suffering from the vapers tongue.