The introduction of Masteron

Masteron is the trade name of Drostanolone propionate (one of active ingredients in Masteron). It was also registered as the trademark of Sarva – Syntex in Belgium. It’s a unique anabolic steroid. Why? Because of the way of it derived from DHT and altered by the addition of methyl group at the carbon two positions. It make Masteron as the ideal choices for inclusion in a steroid stack, even in some cases it would be used as the sole inject able for steroid cycle. If Masteron is being used in an anabolic steroid cycle, you could see that Masteron is a great choice for mass gain and fat loss. In addition, Masteron is undergoes no aromatization (because of the conversion to estrogen), there is no conversion to DHT or any potentiating by the 5 – AR enzyme and because Masteron is an uncalculated steroid so it would poses no liver issues. Masteron is the perfect answer if you are looking for an Anti – Estrogen, if you use the aromatizing steroids in a steroid cycle would produce substantially excessive levels of estrogen and then you expect adding Masteron would fix that. I’m sorry, it would never going to happen, and you will get better results if you use anastrozole or letrozole instead. In the other hand, if you only use a moderate amount of aromatizing steroid, you can use the Masteron because it would give you a sufficient amount as the sole anti – estrogenic agent.

What will you get with Masteron?

If you think the Masteron is a weak steroid then you get it wrong. The truth is, Masteron has weak doses, it happens because of rarity, price and low concentration of the preparations. However, the availability and price of Masteron already improved markedly. When Masteron is included as the part of a steroid stack, it would give a contribution at least as great as the testosterone, equipoise, Deca or Winstrol (per mg). Of course, if you add only 100 mg or 200 mg per week, it wouldn’t give you a big change because the small addition will not give you a big impact. Generally, Masteron is being used as the sole inject able. Most of people would use the dosing of 500 mg to 700 mg per week. However, the Masteron stack would be more effective as it also well combine with testosterone. Lately, you will find that people use Masteron as the combination together with trenbolone. The good news is, unlike Dianabol or Anadrol combination who will only gives you an addictive effect. The combinations between Masteron and Trenbolone will only gives you a synergistic affect because it allows a lower Trenbolone dosage while achieve a similar physique benefit. This great combination also will give you less potential of any bad side – effects like night sweats that increased the tendency to aggression and insomnia. Masteron also would be very useful if you combine it together with testosterone for self – prescribed hormone replacement therapy. For instance, 100 mg per week of each Masteron and testosterone would give you a superior effect for physique benefits to 200 mg per week testosterone alone. In addition, you will only get a milder chance of getting side effect due to lower resulting levels of estrogen and DHT.

The better way to use the Masteron

After all explanation, I’m not recommend you to take the Masteron alone for steroid cycle or HRT because the estradiol levels in Masteron is typically fall too low when you get one. Masteron has a half – life of two days and better be injected at least every other day or daily. If you want to prefer the easier way, you could take the Enanthate ester version, you only need to inject it twice per week. The traditional form of Masteron would be very advantageous for brief cycles and the use of longer cycle. The reason is pretty simple, it would give a quick transition from high, anabolically effective blood levels to levels sufficiently low to allow the recovery of natural testosterone production on your body. I would say that Masteron is pretty good steroid because it only has a mild side effect profile as long as you used the provided sufficient dosing.