4 Benefits of lavender essential oil

Lavender is one of the essential oils which have a lot of health benefits. The benefits of lavender are not just limited to your physical health but also it has a soothing effect on the body as well as the mind. Thus, it is the time that we recognize the health benefits of lavender and use it on a regular basis. We would today discuss with you four different benefits of lavender essential oil which would help you understand why you should be using it on a regular basis

  1. Induces sleep:

If you’re suffering from insomnia, lavender oil is one of the best options for you. It would not only induce sleep but also would ensure that you are in the deep sleeping cycle for a longer period of time. Thus, you sleep would be more relaxing as well. You have to just pour a couple of drops of lavender oil on your pillow and you would be able to sleep in a completely relaxed manner.

  1. Reduces stress:

Lavender oil is known for reducing anxiety as well as stress. Moreover, it can help you in treating depression to a certain extent as well. It has a calming effect on the body as well as mind. Due to this very reason, you are able to reduce the symptoms of depression and you are more relaxed when you’re exposed to lavender oil.

You can inhale lavender oil directly or you can use the essential oil in the aromatic candles.

  1. Reduces the problem of acne:

Dermatologists all over the world recommend lavender oil in order to reduce acne. Lavender oil has anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, it can help you in reducing any kind of skin infection as well. It entirely eliminates the skin bacteria. Owing to this very reason, acne can be easily reduced with the help of lavender oil.

  1. Reduces pain:

Lavender oil is regularly used in massage as well. This is because it relaxes the muscles of the body. Thus, if you’re suffering from any kind of persistent pain, it would also be reduced when you’re opting for a massage with lavender oil. Some of the types of pain which can be reduced with the help of lavender oil are:

  • Muscular pain
  • Pain due to stress to muscles
  • Pain in the joints
  • Backache

So, whenever you are looking at the benefits of using lavender oil, you would realize that the benefits are not just limited to the physical health but also it can help you in calming down and thus the benefits also provide you with psychological relief.